Terms and Conditions

1. Application and acceptance of terms


S.C. CYLEX TEHNOLOGIA INFORMATIEI S.R.L. (hereinafter referred to as “Cylex”) owns and operates the following websites and all of their linked pages: teraz-otwarte.pl/ (hereinafter “TerazOtwarte” or “websites”). 
Cylex is a limited company, registered in Romania, with the company registration number: J05/1211/2006 Oradea-Bihor, and the following registered address and contact details: sat Palota, Nr.119A, 417516 Palota, Romania, Fax:  +40 259 471 392

The following terms and conditions (hereinafter "terms") apply to the use of TerazOtwarte.
TerazOtwarte is an online platform, where people (hereinafter “users”) can find relevant information about companies, focusing on their opening hours.

Cylex reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make amendments to any or every part of these terms, whenever necessary, without prior notice.

The users agree to accept these terms and any amendments made to them, prior to accessing the websites, viewing their content and using any of the services available on them. Thus, the users take it upon themselves to read these terms carefully and in case they don\'t agree with any part of the terms, then they shall not access or use the websites.


2. Content and description of service


The services offered by TerazOtwarte consist of publishing information online about open businesses and companies. These services include, but are not limited to, any information made available on the websites or any other material offered by Cylex through the websites.

The services provided are free of charge and they do not require registration. In the event that these change, Cylex takes upon itself to notify the users prior to the changes being made.

The content of the websites refers to, but is not limited to, the data that can be found on the websites, on the presentation pages of various companies, such as: opening hours, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, descriptions, images, email addresses, closed or open statuses, company branches and any other additional company information.

The content presented on TerazOtwarte is solely intended for personal, non-commercial use. In case users would like to use the content in a commercial way, they need to acquire prior written permission from TerazOtwarte to do so.

Users may not reproduce, publish, re-distribute, transfer, modify, create derivative works from the content and/or copyrighted information found on these websites.

Furthermore, users are not allowed to access the website in any way that could harm, disturb or disable its services (for e.g. they shall not access the website in an automated manner using spiders, robots etc.) Cylex has the right to deny or terminate access in such cases, without any notice.As a result of the fact that, in some cases, TerazOtwarte may be linked and may use information from other Cylex products and/or third party websites, the users are required to read every legal document (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Additional Agreements etc.) before using the content and/or services related to the other products/websites.

TerazOtwarte reserves the right in its sole discretion to temporarily discontinue or suspend the availability of the websites, due to repair and/or maintenance work. In case Cylex sees it fit, it may  not allow certain features to be used or limit as well as terminate the access of using the websites, without prior notification of the user(s).


3. Limitation of liability


Users shall hold harmless and indemnify Cylex as well as all its associates, employees and affiliates, from and against any claims/losses/damages arising from or in relation with: any kind of breach of these terms (i), the content or the use of the websites (ii), violation of any applicable laws, regulations (including copyright and trademark laws) or any third party rights (iii).

Cylex shall not be held responsible or liable in cases of damages or losses of any kind resulting directly or indirectly from the use or inability to use the services and content provided by TerazOtwarte.

Claims or disputes of any kind in relation to the above mentioned services or content shall be governed by the laws and regulations of Romania.
Cylex cannot guarantee that the information presented on TerazOtwarte is correct. Thus, Cylex shall not take any responsibility concerning the accuracy/correctness/usefulness or reliability of the data transmitted or made available on the websites.


4. Copyrights & Trademarks


The content of the websites includes copyrighted material and trademarks. Users are not allowed to use this material (including but not limited to: names, logos, trademarks, contact details etc.) in any way, except from cases when they have received express written permission from the owner of the material to do so.

In case there is a violation of the applicable laws and regulations (including copyright and trademark laws) or third party rights, Cylex can terminate the access of the user(s) immediately, without having to send a notification.

For more information about these terms, please contact us by email: info@teraz-otwarte.pl